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  • SAT-ALU  UPS Load Tester

SAT-ALU UPS Load Tester

  • Description:
  • 1. Online Monitoring Function

    2. Discharging Function

    3. 5.7 inch color touch screen

    4. RS232 or output via U disk is used to upload data

    5. Can save 10 groups online monitoring and discharger data

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SAT-ALU UPS Load Tester

SAT-ALU UPS Battery Discharge Tester, is also called battery capacity tester, discharger, load tester, capacity checker and etc. in international. It is the special designed instrument for UPS batteries group, which is combined by 16~48 pieces of 12V lead acid batteries. Main functions are Online Monitoring and Discharge Test.

SAT-ALU equipped with a 5.7 -inch color LCD touch screen, operation is simple and convenient. It has the advantage of high charging power, small size, little weight comprehensive PC data management soft, which greatly save the workload during the UPS battery maintenance.


Key Functions

1. Online Monitoring Function

Under the discharge, Equalized Charge, floated charge state, the SAT-ALU600 can monitor the following parameter, such as group voltage, cell voltage, group charging current, group discharging current, group charging capacity, group discharging capacity , monitoring time and cell numbers need to be monitored.

2. Discharging Function

Before to use the SAT-ALU to discharge the battery group, please remove the battery group from the power system. After set the following parameter, discharging current, discharging time, discharging capacity, group termination voltage and cell termination voltage , the battery discharger will start to discharge. Once any set termination parameter reached, the unit will stop to discharge. During the discharge process, the unit will show the discharge current, discharge capacity, group voltage, cell voltage and discharge time in real time. Customer can set the discharge battery number as real number.


Key features

1. It can save 10 online monitoring data, 10 discharging data. Customer can query, delete and output data.

2. Data can be uploading to computer via RS232 or output via U disk.

3. Auto protecting function: Once detect group battery, cell battery or the unit working abnormal, the main unit wills automatic termination, to protect the battery and unit.

4. The monitoring unit and power unit integration design. Power unit adopts new efficacy components, which make it small size and high efficiency battery discharger.

5. It is humanized operation interface, simple operation, clear working process and every step operating shows in English.

6. 5.7 inch color touch screen to make the clear display.

7. With strong PC data management with friendly interface, it support data management, printing, analysis, test report (curve and chart, etc) statistic and automatic generation    of test reports, etc.

Cell Voltage Measurement Type 12V

Cell Voltage Measurement Range

Cell Voltage Accuracy 12V:0.01V
Group Voltage Measurement Range 0~600V
Group Voltage Accuracy 0.01V
Voltage Measurement Precision 0.5%
Discharging current Range 1A~25A
Discharging Current Range

≤25A:  36~40pieces;   ≤20A:  29~35pieces

  ≤15A: 21~28pieces;  ≤10A: 16~20pieces

Discharging Current Accuracy 0.1A
Discharging Current Precision 1%
Battery Capacity Measurement Range 10Ah~300Ah
Current Monitoring Range 0~60A
Working Voltage AC 220±15%
Cooling Mode Fan Cooling
Working Environment


Humidity: 20%~80%RH
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
Interface RS232 and USB
Display Mode 5.7 inch color touch screen
Dimension (W×H×L) 277mm×470mm×543mm
Weight 27Kg
Carry Type Portable,roller movement
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