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  • SAT-CDEF DC Power Characteristic  Tester

SAT-CDEF DC Power Characteristic Tester

  • Description:
  • 1. Performance test for the charger

    2. Performance test for the backup battery pack

    3. Compatible for 110V DC  and 220V DC system testing

    4. Equipped USB interface to transfer data to U disk

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SAT-CDCF DC Power Characteristic Tester

SAT-CDCF DC power characteristics tester can inspect and test the different capacity of the charger and battery capacity within 500AH, and it can test performance parameter (voltage stabilized accuracy, current stabilized accuracy, ripple system and discharge capacity) of substation DC power supply system accurately and reliably.

Key Functions

 1. Performance test for the charger

    (1) Voltage stabilized accuracy test

    (2) Ripple effective values coefficient and ripple peak value coefficient test

    (3) Current stabilized accuracy test

    (4) Voltage stabilized current limited characteristic test

    (5) Current stabilized voltage limited characteristic test

    (6) Power factor and efficiency test

2. Performance test for the backup battery pack

    (1) Constant current discharge, accuracy within 0.05A

    (2) Discharge current is 0~50A, can expanded up to 100A

    (3) Can connect to external battery inspection instrument

    (4) Multiple automatic termination conditions can be set before testing: string voltage, discharge capacity, discharge time, cell voltage.


Key features

 1. Integrated design,very convenient for field wiring and mobile test between substations.

2. Equip with high reliable industrial control motherboard, true color touch LCD screen is easy to operate.

3. Adopt three-phase automatic numerical control voltage regulator, high output accuracy, high output power, stable waveform and high voltage stability.

4. Adopt new type high power resistance load material, powerful load ability, good linearity, high accuracy, light weight, no flame during discharging.

5. Resistance load material is orderly arranged by 8421 yards; it can be arbitrarily combined by users.

6. It can be connect to computer, and remote operated.

7. Powerful data save and query function can save a large number of data and query data at any time.

8. Equipped USB interface, the data can transfer to U disk, very convenient for the data collection, analyze and printing.

9. It can connect to external battery inspection instrument, and inspect the cell voltage, and set the cell alarm voltage, cell termination voltage to stop the test

10. Compatible for 110V DC system and 220V DC system testing

Technical Specifications

Working Voltage AC : 220V±15% , Hz: 50Hz
Power Consuming ≤100W
Working Environment -20℃--+55℃
Relative Humidity  20%~80%
Atmospheric Pressure 80kpa~110 kpa

Rated power of Three-phase

voltage regulator

6KVA,rated current:15A            9KVA, rated current:  25A

15KVA, rated current:  40A
Input Voltage of three phase voltage regulator AC 3 phase 4 wire, 380V±15%,50Hz
Output Voltage of three phase voltage regulator AC 310V~450V
Rated Discharge Current 0~50A, can expanded to 0~100A
Measurement Precision ≤0.2%
Dimensions and Weight of Main Unit 450mm×228mm×500mm,20Kg
Dimensions and Weight of three phase voltage regulator


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