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  • SAT-DC200 Full-Automatic Battery Charger

SAT-DC200 Full-Automatic Battery Charger

  • Description:
  • 1. LCD color screen with English menu

    2. high power, small size and light weight

    3. Interflow input low-voltage protection

    4. Automatically performs the charging

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SAT-DC200 Full-Automatic Battery Charger

SAT-DC200 series Full-automatic battery charger has an intelligent three-step charging mode, which realizes the switch between equalized charging and floating charging, and that between constant current and constant voltage automatically as well as sets and controls the parameters such as voltage, current. It has a LCD screen and all-English menu, making the operation easy and the intellectualization excellent.

Having high power, small size and light weight, this charger provides a friendly human-oriented man-machine interface, greatly reducing the work load to test and maintain the storage battery in daily. Therefore it is an ideal aid in storage battery maintenance.


Key Functions

1.  The charger automatically performs the charging in strict accordance with the curve of charging characteristic of storage battery. Designed charging mode is as follows: constant current charging→ (stabilized voltage at uniform charging) current-reducing constant-voltage constant charging → (automatically judge and turns to) → trickle floating charging.

2.  Advantages: quick charging, high charging recovery rate, no need of watch out, no overcharging incident in an extremely long-time charging, and assuring the service life of storage battery.

3.  Uniform charging voltage can be adjusted in the range, adapt to the charge characteristic requirement of different storage battery and first charging.

4.  Using digital setting charging current, can be adjusted continuously, unaffected by  input alternating voltage. During constant current charge. This operation don’t need people to adjust.

5.  It has interflow input low-voltage protection, output over voltage, output current limit, output short circuit, output over current and over temperature protection. Also it has a speed reaction and long life.

6.  It can adjust the charge parameter in service at any times.

7.  LCD color screen with English menu.

8.  Small volume, light weight ,easy to move.


Why Choose Aitelong?

Start from 2003

* Professional manufacturer and OEM factory.

* Independent R&D office and team. 

* 4 numbers of production line 

* ISO 9001-2000 certificate 

* High-tech enterprise proofed by government department

Excellent sales team

* Response inquiry in 30 minutes in working time, and 12 hours in off working time. 

* With professional products knowledge and oversea sales skills.  

* Always warm and thoughtful service.

4 numbers of production line.

* Fusion Splicer

*  Communication testing equipment

* Clean and tidy production office.

*  Humanized production management and skilled production team. 

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting free. 

* Sample demonstration and experience.

* Welcome to visit and inspect our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine. 

* Engineers available to service machinery locally or online.

* 15 months warranty

Technical specification

Model 48/10 48/20 110/04 220/04 380/05
Charging voltage 18-60V 80-135V 180-270V 340-450V
Battery pack voltage 48V 110V 220V 380V
Charge current 1-100A 1-200A 1-40A 1-40A 1-50A
Voltage adjust resolution 0.1V 
Current adjust resolution 0.1A
Precision of voltage regulation ±1%
Precision of steady current ±1%
Working power supply Three phase 380VAC±15%, frequency: 50Hz
Battery type Lead-acid battery
Charging type Constant current ---constant voltage of reducing current----tickle floating charge
Working conditions Temperature :0℃~40℃       Humidity:20%~80%RH
Net size (mm) 470*420*210 580*540*490 470*420*210 470*420*210 580*540*650
Net weight 22Kg 35Kg 22Kg 22Kg 60Kg

Remark: Accept customization service. The charge current range from 40A to 300A. Please enquire for details.

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