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  • SAT-DC500 Load Bank Tester and Charger

SAT-DC500 Load Bank Tester and Charger

  • Description:
  • 1. Intelligent charge function

    2. Intelligent discharge function

    3. Online monitor function

    4. Cell activation function

    5. Constant current discharger and constant power discharger

    6. Small volume,light weight, and easy moving

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SAT-DC500 Load Bank Tester and Charger

SAT-DC500Battery Charge-Discharge Monitor is a multi-function monitor with charge, discharge and online monitor. It can reduce the company’s cost and labor strength of maintain personnel, also provide a total scientific testing ways for battery and power supply maintenance. The battery Charge-Discharge Monitor is the best assistance of battery maintenance.                                                                         


Key features and function

1. Intelligent charge functions:                                                

 a. Perform automatic charge according to charge characteristics cure of storage battery, designed charge mode is: constant current→ (voltage stabilizing value of uniform charge) voltage fixing and current decreasing→(automatic judge is shifted into) floating charge of trickle. It possesses the advantage such as quick charge speed, high charge recovery efficiency and don’t need person on watch, no overcharge danger for a long time, ensure service life of storage battery and etc.

b. Tester will automatic perform charging process and display the information such as charging current, charging volume, whole pack voltage, individual cell voltage, charging time, after user set the parameters of average charge voltage, floating charge voltage, individual cell voltage peak limit, charging current, charging time, charging volume a sect well.

c. It can adjust the charge parameter in the charge process.

d. when the charging time reaches the setting time, charging volume reaches the setting volume or man-made stop, all of that can stop the processing of charging.

2. Intelligent discharge function:

a. Monitor has two modes of discharge: constant current discharge and constant power discharge. The user can select the discharge mode for electric discharge test according to them needs.

b. Tester will automatic perform discharge test and also show battery information when the user set all the parameters of group charging voltage, discharging volume, individual cell number, discharging time and etc.

c. Can adjust the parameters in the process of discharging.

d. When the discharging time reaches the setting time, discharging volume reaches the setting volume, individual cell voltage reaches the setting voltage, module unusual or man-made stop, all of that can stop the processing of discharging.

3. The functions of online monitor:

a. Online monitor functions are used for real-time monitor and limit alarm prompt of group battery and individual cell, the monitor information include group voltage, individual cell voltage and monitor time.

b. User can stop the online monitor through setting the monitor stop time or man-made stop, also the user can get the information of battery status through setting group and individual cell voltage alarm limit to prompt the user.

4. Constant current discharge and constant power discharge

5. Test parameters and stop conditions set flexible and be convenient to test, also can adjust the setting parameters at all times in the test process.

6. Can save the 10 groups data of charging, discharging and online monitor, user can perform operations of find, cancel and SD cards derive.

7. Can monitor the temperature conditions of individual cell battery, (Option)

8. Personalization operation interface and English menu.

9. 8-inch color LCD.

10. Strong software’s function, such as data management, print, analysis, report forms statistic, autogeneration test report and so on.

11. Small volume, light weight, convenient for movement.

Technical Specifications

Model 48B/10 220A/04 380/02
Charging voltage range 40V-60V 180V-270V 340V-450V

Constant-current discharge

voltage range

40V-60V 180V-270V 340V-450V
Voltage adjust range 0.01V 0.1 V
Current adjust range

Discharger/Charger Current  


Discharger/Charger Current  


Discharger/Charger Current  


Current adjust resolution 0.1A
Constant power discharge range Max 6kw Max 10.8kw Max: 7.6kw
Precision of stabilized current ±1%
Precision of stabilized voltage ±1%

Monitor type of individual

cell voltage

2V, 6V, 12V
Accuracy of individual cell voltage 2V/6V:0.001V  12V:0.01V
Temperature range(Option) 0-9.99℃
Accuracy of temperature(Option) 0.1℃ 
Working power supply

Working voltage of charging module: three phase AC380±15%; Frequency: 50Hz

Working power supply of discharging and monitor:

single phase AC220±10%/three phase AC380±15%;Frequency: 50Hz

Efficiency ≥90%
Power factor ≥0.9
Insulating strength

Input≥AC1500V             Output≥AC500V

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