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  • SAT-ZC48 Battery Full Automatic Online Charge and Discharge Tester

SAT-ZC48 Battery Full Automatic Online Charge and Discharge Tester

  • Description:
  • 1. Multiple storage function

    2. Remaining capacity analysis function

    3. Multiple thresholds setting function

    4. Full-automatic online intelligent charge function

    5. Offline charge and discharge monitoring function

    6. Full-automatic online constant current discharge function

    7. Full automatic online cell voltage monitor recording function

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SAT-ZC48 Battery Full Automatic Online Charge and Discharge Tester

Key Function

 1.  Full-automatic online constant current discharge function: Connect the battery group and SAT-ZC48 in series connection, pull up the group voltage of the battery group which need to be tested, let the battery group to discharge to the communication  equipments, using this way to measure the battery capacity on the premise of safety.

 2. Full-automatic online intelligent charge function,after the discharging process, automatic count down the set time and pull down the battery group voltage, then the rectifier to charge the battery group, during the discharge process, the charging current and charging time can be adjusted.

3. Full automatic online cell voltage monitor recording function: Adopting wireless communication cell voltage monitor recording module can online monitor battery voltage shift during the charging and discharging process, which can effective prevention battery over discharge and over charge.

4. Remaining capacity analysis function: Online monitor battery discharge 5 to 10 min can analysis each cell remaining capacity, after 30% ~40% discharging of the battery nominal capacity, can clear known cell voltage remaining capacity.

5. Offline charge and discharge monitoring function, one main unit can finish multiple measurement demand.

6. Real time display in English with concise intuitive interface, working condition, battery pack voltage, discharge current, charge current, discharge time, charge time, discharge capacity, charge capacity, cell voltage, max cell voltage and min cell voltage etc,.

7. Multiple thresholds setting function: such as the battery pack voltage, cell voltage, discharge time, discharge capacity etc alarming thresholds.

8. Multiple storage function, such as main unit RAM, SD card storage and PC storage etc.

9. Data analyzer software can generate battery pack voltage curve, battery current curve, cell voltage bar graph, characteristic comparison chart, cell voltage curve, battery capacity analysis chart, discharge form etc, storage the test data and make analysis , automatic generate the test report, test data import and export, generate EXCEL form.

10. External junction function, after discharge or over voltage alarm or other alarm can provide junction function, very convenient to handle properly with other devices.

11. Energy saving function: this unit discharges the battery pack direct to the communication equipments, using the system rectifier to charge the battery, don’t waste power during the testing process, don’t create heat and environment protection.

12. Safety assurance functions: the battery pack will be tested in series with the device through seamless connection technology, in the discharge process, if the city power fails, the main unit will automatically stop the charging and discharging of the battery and the battery is automatically connected to the system. Ensure that the battery is always in a safe online state.

13. Supports external load discharge function (options, specified when ordering).

14. Intelligent scanning cycle function, can automatically adjust the scan cycle, no need to set complex parameters, and the unit can provide the best scanning cycle.

15. A variety of alarm functions: timely alerts and automatically stop the discharge.



Key features

1. Equipped with wireless monitoring module which can monitor 2 battery pack, each battery pack can contains 24 cells , to expand online monitoring functions of the device.(for optional)

2. Flexible power supply: can adopt DC 48V power supply provided by battery pack or AC 220V power supply provided by city power.

3. LCD English display with friendly interface.

4. Elegant appearance adopts dual handle design, rugged and reliable. Front panel with swash plate design, easy to read and operate.

5. Power off memory function: power failure during the test or the unit not work for a long time, the memory data will not lost.

6. Modular design, flexible feature combination, with small size and light weight.

7. Online load to discharge the battery does not affect operation of the system, enabling the charging and discharging process unattended.

8SAT-ZC48 can completely replace traditional capacity tester, intelligent load, intelligent charger, can save the cost.

9. Main unit built in RAM, can use the SD card or RS232 to read and save test record, no need to carry PC, only the main unit can work independently, use the PC to print the test report. 

10. AC 220V and DC 48V power supply can shift automatically, to make sure the main unit continuous work.

11. With battery pack voltage, cell voltage, terminal voltage detection (up to 56.8V), overload protection and alarm function.

Model SAT-ZC48A/15 SAT-ZC48B/30 SAT-ZC48B/45
Test Mode Online Test Mode
Discharge Current Range 0~150A 0~300A 0~450A
Discharge Current Precision Resolution: 0.1A Accuracy 1A
Charge Current Range  0~150A 0~300A 0~450A
Charge Current Precision Resolution: 0.1A Accuracy: 1A
Battery Pack Voltage Range 40~60V
Charge/Discharge Voltage Precision Resolution:10mV Accuracy:0.1V
Cell Voltage Range 0.000V~16.00V
Cell Voltage Precision Range Resolution:1mV Accuracy:10mV
Charge/Discharge    Time Range 0~99h           59min
Number of Cell Battery 1~30cells/group, can turn off the cell voltage monitor
Cool Mode Fan Cooling
Discharge Load

Communication equipment as load, power saving and no heat during

the discharge process

Display English LCD with backlit function
Power Supply AC220V±15% or DC4060V
Weight 18~37kg
Carry Method Double handle design
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