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We are an enterprise that export load bank test to China, we are approved by the relevant state registratio. Primary load bank test and sell to different regions in China, product out there upon request. We've got the spirit of "customer initial, honesty first" principle, using a quantity of enterprises established long-term cooperative connection.

SAT-1XS Series E1 and Datacom Tester
SAT-1XS Series E1 and Datacom TesterLearn More
SAT-10C Digital Earth Tester
SAT-10C Digital Earth TesterLearn More
SAT-11A/B Single Clamp Earth Tester
SAT-11A/B Single Clamp Earth TesterLearn More
SAT-12B Double Clamps Earth Tester
SAT-12B Double Clamps Earth TesterLearn More
SAT-AC Battery Conductance Tester
SAT-AC Battery Conductance TesterLearn More
SAT-AR Battery Internal  Resistance Tester
SAT-AR Battery Internal Resistance TesterLearn More
SAT-DC500 Load Bank Tester and Charger
SAT-DC500 Load Bank Tester and ChargerLearn More
SAT-ALU  UPS Load Tester
SAT-ALU UPS Load TesterLearn More
SAT-AG Series Load Bank Tester
SAT-AG Series Load Bank TesterLearn More
SAT-CDEF DC Power Characteristic  Tester
SAT-CDEF DC Power Characteristic TesterLearn More
SAT-ZC48 Battery Full Automatic Online Charge and Discharge Tester
SAT-ZC48 Battery Full Automatic Online Charge and Discharge TesterLearn More
SAT-FD Wide-Range Load Tester
SAT-FD Wide-Range Load TesterLearn More

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