Aitelong 17s fiber optical fusion splicer

citas cafam eps en linea Model Number:SAT-17S
Applicable fiber:SM(ITU-T G.652),MM(ITU-T G.651),DS(ITU-T G.653),NZDS(ITU-T G.655)
Fiber Count:Single
Cladding diameter:80 to 150μm
Coating diameter:100 to1000μm
Fiber cleaved length:8-16mm

Aitelong 17s fiber optical fusion splicer

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Splicing time:Typical 9 sec,with standard SM fiber
Average splice loss:0.02dB(SM),0.01dB(MM),0.04dB(DS),0.04dB(NZDS)
Return loss:≥60dB
electrode life:2500
Applicable Fibers:SM / MM / DS / NZDS / BIF & UBIF (G.657)
Average Loss:0.02dB(SM) / 0.021dB(MM) / 0.04dB(DS) / 0.04dB(NZDS) / 0.02dB(G.657)
Return Loss:>60dB
Operation Methods:Auto, Manual
Typical Splicing Time:10s
Typical Heating Time:16s
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Fiber Alignment:Core Alignment / Clad Alignment
Fiber Diameter:Cladding: 80~150 μm / Coating: 100~1000 μm
Cutting Length:8~16mm(Fiber diameter: <250μm) / 16mm(Fiber diameter: 250~1000μm)
Magnification:X or Y: 310X / X + Y: 155X
LCD Display:High performance 3.7 inch. TFT LCD / 640*480 resolution
Tension Test:2N
Applicable Sleeve:60mm / 40mm / 20mm or etc.
Battery Capacity:Average:200 cycles (Splicing and Heating)
Charging time: 3 hours

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