Daily fiber welding machine maintenance operations

jackson wy dating General fiber welding machine by the electrodes, batteries, mirrors, probes, V-groove and pressing problem, several major components. In the harsh environment of the construction process tends to produce a lot of dust, resulting in poor discharge any friction and fiber optic image offset occurs. Alignment can cause deviation from normal phenomenon. Have a great impact on the performance of the device. Making daily fiber welding machine maintenance is more important!
First talk about cleaning:
(1) open the wind cover the cleaning electrode, the electrode is removed with sandpaper and carefully wipe the tip electrode.
Medial (2) Probe, windproof cover the inside of the fixture inside dust and other debris removed by suction ears ball. And with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the mirror right amount of pressure problem, and the inside of the jig and the like.
(3) with a clean cotton swab to clean the probe.

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rencontres sciences et citoyens http://sumarplant.ro/franciye/4688 Daily fiber welding machine maintenance operations
(4) Clean V-groove will generally be the tip of a cotton swab to clean the oblique cut. Then by suction ears ball do the cleanup.
(1) Replace the electrode first boot into the maintenance menu, select “Replace electrode”, as suggested processes. After the first press Enter to close off the device, remove the old electrode and open new motor installed equipment.
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(2) stable electrode selected from “stable electrode” menu item in Victoria and five air discharge and 20 welding operation can be.
(3) Ibid electrode into the calibration menu, select “Motor calibration” item. Fiber welding machines are now automatically calibrated after the operating instructions have.
(4) Ibid corrected discharge into the “discharge correction”, press the pointing device is repeated Splice operation. Splice machine prompts until completed.
(5) adjust the focus into the “focus adjustment” item. Splicer automatically adjusted. After the completion of the completion of the entire maintenance process.


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