Fault diagnosis method of optical fiber fusion splicer

get more Fiber welding machine is a precision instrument, it can be divided into hardware, software and consumables to understand, and we can compare it to a gun to explain the role of each member.
1. As part of the hardware, V-groove is the gun, if not directly, then bullets will play out crooked, on the fiber misalignment; fiber presser foot is sight, there are problems when it can not be fixed fiber.
2. As part of the software, the observation optical path fiber like our eyes, it is unclear if it can not complete Dui core, and inside the machine firmware like our mind, one should always ensure that in the latest state.
3. As part of the supplies, welding machines, it was only the electrode rod, which is like a bullet, bomb and if bad situation, its serious consequences can be imagined.

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Fault diagnosis method of optical fiber fusion splicer

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So we use and maintenance welding machine when you need to use the above method to treat these findings machine, which is particularly important is that we often see on television former PLA combatants should Caqiang, it is because you want to prevent when war gun jammed, the same can not be accumulated inside the welding machine gray
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Dust and garbage, after completing our daily work must take the welding machine before being placed in clean and clean up after carrying case which, over time will lead to the final otherwise refuse welding machine malfunction.


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