Fiber Fusion Splicer When the operation is like

agence de rencontre pour handicapГ© 1. Clean, fiber welding machine inside and outside the fiber itself, it is important that the V-grooves, fiber and other parts of the presser foot.
2. cutting, ensure the cutting end face 89 бу б└ 1 бу, nearly vertical, in the cut fiber in the specified location in the process, the fiber end face do not touch any place, we need to re-encounter the clean cut: stressed after the first clean cut!

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Fiber Fusion Splicer When the operation is like

anonymous Fiber Fusion Splicer When the operation is like

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3. Throughout the welding process, do not open the wind cover.
4. Place the fiber in its position, not too far nor too close, 1/2, proficiency!
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5. The heat shrinkable sleeve, connecting parts of the process of learning called reinforcement, when heated, fiber splice site must be placed in the middle, plus a certain tension and prevent air bubbles during heating, inadequate fixation and other phenomena, emphasis is heated optical fiber fusion process and the process can be carried out at the same time, after heating to come, do not touch the site after heating, high temperature, to avoid danger.
6. finishing tools, pay attention to broken fiber head, to prevent dangerous, glass fibers are very thin and hard.

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