Fiber optic cable splice quality requirements

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Although the cable can be made very long, but in order to manufacture, easy to transport, construction of the factory cable length is usually about 2 ~ 5km. Also due to limitations route terrain, often required in the construction of the cable cut off, so the works
The need for fiber optic cable connecting a certain number. Occurrence Engineering fiber and fiber optic splicing are usually fixed (permanent) connection, as the fiber is connected with Optical Removable movable joint. Accordingly, the optical cable,
An optical fiber fixed (permanent) connection quality is very important.
First, the quality requirements of the standard optical fiber connector end face
1, the end face of the optical fiber connector Processing Standards
Optical fiber splice connector front ends of two optical fibers shall deal. End face of the poor quality of the following situations: the cut surface is not perpendicular to the axial direction has an angle δ, δ in multimode fiber should be less than 3 °, and should remain in the single-mode fiber is less than
1 °, in order to make the joint with low loss; for example, the end face of the end face is not smooth with a wedge-shaped tip end faces cabochon, lack of broken end face and the end face serrated and face stained with dirt.
2, the tip of the optical fiber alignment requirements

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Fiber optic cable splice quality requirements

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When the connection ends of the two fibers must be aligned. Otherwise it will increase splice loss. Achieve alignment requirements are: the axis must be aligned in a straight line, do not have the angle between the axis, there is a gap between the end faces do not, because all of this will make
A light transmission reflection. Several of the above non-alignment of the additional loss increase larger than the single-mode fiber multimode fiber.
3, the end face and a clean environment
Fiber optic connector end face of the handle and clean the construction site environment is very important, otherwise it will increase splice loss.
Preparation of the end face 4, before the connection
Note that the end face of the operation should be smooth, no glitches, no defect, perpendicular to the axis. End surface treatment is good or bad, has a great influence on the connection loss. Therefore, the fiber end face cutting, cutting knife should place a smooth, splice body officers sit
Positive, hands naturally on the operating table, can not have jitter. When the fiber end production, requires flush, you can not have an angle. End surface irregular, angular, defective will cause the fiber splice attenuation increases. To maintain the integrity of the end face
When the fiber end after cutting, to be careful not to touch the end face hit other objects, to be properly placed in the optical fiber V-groove, both ends of the surface distance was adjusted to 2 ~ 3mm, should not collide.
5, good continuation of quality monitoring
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Connection from start to finish (including heat shrink tubing to protect pigtails coiled fixed to the splice case, through pipes, etc.), the distal (bureau) station fiber Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) instrument should be monitored for splice loss measurement
. If you find “step” appears on the instrument screen, it indicates that there is a problem. Fiber may be caused by improper operation under pressure, the winding diameter is too small (less than 4cm), or tight bends, half-broken status. You can not squeeze fiber, optical fiber
More than fibers and handled properly, the fiber being squeezed, it will have a greater attenuation in the OTDR screen you will see the “steps” when re-plate filament, no squeezing phenomenon, “step” will disappear . Website: