Fiber welding machine operating common solution to the problem

design ampicillin price First, press the “” key, when a gap fiber stops. Press the reset button system fiber welding machine can normally be reset, but the fiber is still not moving. conocer mujeres talca cause of issue: rencontre fourmies 1. fiber cut. site rencontre amiti√© lyon 2. Fiber welding machine large plate is not pressed fiber. Workaround: Re-release fibers, close up your plate, gently pull the fiber back hand, can easily pull, indicating fiber welding machine large plate can not
Pressed fiber. Inspection of pressing fiber welding machine large plate on whether the bounce. If the process of.
Second, fiber splicing machine placed after the optical fiber, the fiber-free half and very dark image on the screen.
cause of issue:
1. Fiber Fusion Splicer windscreen in place no pressure or spring sheet no good contact.
2. Fiber Fusion Splicer windshield lamp is not lit or conductive pillars below a line off.
3. Fiber Fusion Splicer corresponding CCD or broken off (camera shutter itself a problem).

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foster operate Fiber welding machine operating common solution to the problem
Workaround: forceps fiber welding machine inside the rear windscreen two contact spring piece, and then slightly raised. Newer welding machine
With two contact pillars pressed against the upper end of the electrode holder so that it can bounce. Still can not solve the problem of the return portion of the maintenance repair fiber optic fusion splicer
Third, the fiber splicing machines often missing on for welding, after the end of the display is too large or splice loss estimation failure.
cause of issue:
1. Dirty fiber end face of failure, fiber cutting knife in question.
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2. Gray and dark spots on a fiber welding machine microscope lens or prism and two lights.
Solution: Adjust cutter, re-create the fiber end face, the end face of eligibility requirements. Wipe the two microscope camera, two lights. (note:
Use a clean cotton, it’s best to wipe a few times)

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