Fiber welding machine sales and market essentials

get more Mainly used for optical communication cable construction and maintenance. Released mainly by arc melting the fiber ends, while the use of a collimator gentle propulsion principle, in order to achieve coupling fiber optic lines. Today, light into the copper, fiber to the home is the development trend, the implementation of high-speed fiber-optic broadband technology, are inseparable from the use of fiber optic fusion splicer. 2012 global consumption value of fiber optic fusion splicer $ 437 million. Since the surge in fiber welding machine sales will offset the adverse factors of price decline is expected this part of the market in the next five years (2013 Year – 2017) will be more than 10% annual growth rate.

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Fiber welding machine sales and market essentials

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At present, the Chinese optical fiber welding machine market, the main commodity strip welding machine commodities, domestic large proportion. The trunk is mainly welding machine Goods imported brands and domestic companies produce less. On the Chinese optical fiber fusion splicer market, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu and sales planning large.
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Effect of the Chinese market and the Asia-Pacific FTTx construction, device and equipment manufacturers throughout the fiber by the demand for welding equipment in the future relative market share of the Asia-Pacific region will also be growing. Since 2011, along with favorable policies related industries, the domestic industry technical standards improve, expand FTTH splicer market demand.
On the market price of the cable splicer, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu and sales of large-scale. 2012 regional concentration reached 36.07% of Jiangsu, Hubei regional concentration reached 17.18 percent, the regional concentration of Zhejiang reached 13.6%.

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