Fiber welding machine which is mainly composed of several parts? Welding machine is mainly used in the major operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions of the cable line construction, line maintenance, emergency repair, production testing optics, as well as research in teaching and research institutes. Welding machine is a new fiber optic splice device design. Specifically for FTTH optical fiber splicing application environment: a lightweight body and fine design makes even the narrow in the work environment can also ease; novel fiber imaging systems and pure digital design makes the image appear more delicate and clear; real-time embedded operating the system provides a friendly user interface and richer functionality; built-in large-capacity high-performance lithium batteries provide a reliable guarantee for the long field work; temperature, humidity and barometric pressure compensation system in real time greatly enhance the capability of the device to adapt to the harsh external environment changes, to achieve low loss connection consistency in different environments to provide a guarantee.
Fiber welding machine is mainly composed of a high voltage source, discharge electrodes, aligning devices, controllers and display components.
1. The high voltage source
There are two main high voltage source, a high-pressure source is 50Hz, 220V AC 3 000-4 OOOV boost to high-voltage current of about 20mA; the other is 20kH: or 40kHz high-frequency power. High frequency transformer having a high-pressure source, small size, high efficiency, the use of integrated circuits and other characteristics, which in actual engineering practice, the most frequently used.

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Fiber welding machine which is mainly composed of several parts? Fiber welding machine which is mainly composed of several parts?

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2. The discharge electrode
Processing tungsten rod into a conical tip 300 was a pair of electrodes attached to the electrode holder, the electrode tip spacing is generally 0. 7mm. Fiber optic splice through the discharge electrodes to generate an electric arc between the electrodes, instantaneous temperature reached 2 000 ℃ so, so that the arc in the center of the fiber melt. After the electrode used for a period of time, the surface will have oxidation layer adhesion, should be removed periodically. Ordinary life is 2000 times the electrode, the electrode consumption excessive if it continues, it may affect the quality of the fiber splice.
3. aligning means
Aligning device known as Mounts, often use “leverage” fine-tuning institutions. Trimming the three-dimensional V-groove is achieved by mounting the end of the pole screw micrometer. Placed in a V-shaped groove of the optical fiber, fixed by the mechanical plate. X, Y direction movable by a servomotor top trim lever mechanism is to allow finer adjustment of the axial (Z direction) by the movement of the adjust screw micrometer. Trimming the scope of such bodies is ± 105m to BU, regulation accuracy of ± 0.1μm, Z-axis displacement accuracy better than 1μm.
4. Controller
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The controller includes a microprocessor and a monitoring unit in two parts. Monitoring unit is the local optical power monitoring, automatic adjustment is completed by the microprocessor and connection loss estimates can be adjusted by changing the computer program originator discharge time and discharge current. The third generation of the machine with a high-resolution camera on the concept of vertical lateral optical fiber, optical fiber is displayed on the screen image, and by the lens effect of the fiber cladding is directly connected to the core of the exhibit is aligned status. At the same time, the camera has this observation information to the central microprocessor controller, by a central controller to automatically fine-tune the mechanical alignment and control the discharge and indirect estimates fiber connection loss.
5. Monitor
Fiber welding machine mirror imaging to observe and monitor the optical fiber fusion process, magnification of up to 200-300 times. Many models in the past to change the focal length of the optical fiber were observed in X, Y directions, slower welding. Now look into the welding machine generally use a core method (PAS) monitor, LCD monitor can display X, Y direction of the fiber images at the same time, in order to observe the state of the optical fiber and weld quality, welding faster.

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