Kind of activities connected with fiber optic cable and the basic structure of the optical fiber fusion splicer Variety fiber optic cable connector activities and the fundamental structure of the optical fiber fusion splicer, fiber optic cable connector fundamental activity is the choice of some mechanical and optical structure, so that two optical fibers core alignment, ensure that more than 90% of the light can pass, representative and is currently using the following.
1. The casing structure
This connection is constituted by a pin and sleeve. As a fine pin bushing, the optical fiber fixing pins inside. Sleeve is a fine processing sleeve (opening and not opening the two), and make sure that the two pins docked two optical fibers aligned in the sleeve. The principle is: when the outer coaxial pins, pins and the end of the outer cylindrical sleeve and the inner hole machining very fine when docked two pins in the sleeve, on the realization of the two optical fibers aligned .
Because of this structural design is reasonable processing technology to achieve the required accuracy, which has been widely used. FC, SC and other types of connectors are used in this structure.
2. biconical structure
Such a connector is characterized by the use of tapered positioning. Outer face pins processed into conical surface, the base of the hole is also working double conical surface. Two pins inserted into the holes of the base of the core to achieve the docking. And the base of the pin high precision, combined with the tapered surface of the tapered surface is necessary to ensure the alignment of the core, but also to protect the fiber end face and asked Wang pitch exactly meet the requirements. Its capture pin and the base using a polymer molding, precision and consistency are very good. This structure consists of AT & T and use a win.
3. v-shaped groove structure
It is the principle of the two pins to release the V-shaped groove in the base, the cover and then pressing the pin, so that core alignment. This structure can achieve high accuracy. The disadvantage is that complex structure, number of parts, in addition to the Netherlands, Philips, other countries do not use.
4. Centering spherical structure
Kind of activities connected with fiber optic cable and the basic structure of the optical fiber fusion splicer Kind of activities connected with fiber optic cable and the basic structure of the optical fiber fusion splicer

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This structure consists of two parts, one part is equipped with precision ball base, the other part is provided with a conical surface of the pin (equivalent lights mirror) of. Ball opened a through hole through 7L inner diameter larger than the outer diameter of the pin. When the two pins inserted into the base, spherical and tapered surface engaging the core alignment and ensure that the distance between the core and asked controlled within the required range, this design is ingenious. fH complex shape parts, processing adjustment difficult. At present, only France adopted this structure.
5. The lens coupling structure
Also known as the far-field coupling lens coupling lens coupling and it is divided into ball coupling of two self-focusing lens.
Such a lens structure to achieve fiber alignment. Lens to an optical fiber outgoing light into parallel light, and then by another lens to focus parallel light to guide people to another fiber. The advantage is reducing the machining accuracy, the coupling easier. The disadvantage is complex, bulky, multi-adjustment element, splice loss is large. In optical communications, particularly rarely used in this type of connector in the trunk, but in some special occasions, such as in the field of communication in this structure still apply. Because the field of communication distance is short, the larger dust environment, dissipation can be larger, but require rapid access. Lens can spot larger, easier turning, just to meet this need.
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More than five kinds of structural, advantages and disadvantages. However, the structural design is reasonable, bulk processing of feasibility and practical effect, the precision sleeve structure in a clearly advantageous. Currently used most widely, our use of the connector of this structure.
Fiber Fusion Splicer Fiber is the main tool set with succeeding. In addition to heating, the welding machine can have a variety of classification methods.
1. Press the number of simultaneous fiber splice classification
Press a few days while fused fiber category, fiber welding machine can be divided into single-fiber fusion splicer, that once an optical fiber splice; multi-fiber welding machine, namely a complete fusion of a fiber ribbon.
2. Press the splice fiber pattern classification
Fiber Fusion Splicer Fusion Splicer by manufacturers of fiber optic splice mode can be divided into single-mode and multimode welding machine welding machine. Multimode welding machine is the use of fixed groove by the tension of the fiber itself down in the tank automatically correct the axial deviation. In the vertical direction without trimming locator. Typically multimode welding machine is not available for single-mode fiber splice, because single-mode fiber core is very small, the school went by outer fiber alignment accuracy can not meet the requirements.

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