Talking about the use and maintenance of fiber optic fusion splicer Fiber welding machine fiber optic cable engineering and maintenance is essential equipment, to complete single mode, multimode, dispersion shifted, non-zero dispersion shifted fiber splicing. Fiber welding machine structural precision, expensive, there are many areas requiring attention in daily use and maintenance process.
Fiber welding machine should be placed in a special carrying case for transport, transit to avoid vibration, bump, flip. We proposed to retain outside the box, to prepare for long-distance transport.
Fiber welding machine is a high-precision equipment, its use of the environment requirements. In everyday use, should avoid direct sunlight, rain, snow, cold, wind and other harsh environment operations, or with umbrellas, tents and other tools to protect equipment.

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Talking about the use and maintenance of fiber optic fusion splicer

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Electrically fiber welding machine for generally three types, AC and DC power supply built-in battery. When using small generators to power the device, it shall be equipped with power supply, ignition coil in order to avoid the impact of current damage to the equipment. Built-in battery welding machine is equipped with nickel-metal hydride batteries generally have a certain memory, if used improperly can cause the battery capacity is lowered, before charging the battery should run out of residual capacity, the proposed discharge of the functions provided by welding machine; if do not use the battery for a long time, the battery should be fully charged and fully charge and discharge once a month.
In the construction field, we should pay attention to good cleaning. Ensure fiber clamp, cleaning mirrors and V-groove, if dust or foreign matter that can be used ethanol clean cotton. Close the lid of the wind readily develop habits to avoid dust and fiber debris fall into the machine. General fiber welding machine provides automatic start function, which automatically shut down after wind cover machine start welding, it is recommended to disable this feature.
Precision fiber cleaver is an important part of the welding machine, fiber cutting quality is an important guarantee fused. In use to keep the fiber clamp, cleaning the V-groove and the cutting blade. Found cut quality decreased, the rotatable cutter blade next to a knife blade with a lap later, the blades should be replaced.
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Burning knowledge will provide a variety of fiber welding machine welding modes correspond to different optical fiber should correspond to the type of optical fiber splice mode to select the appropriate, non-professionals do not modify the mode parameters, so as not to affect the weld quality.
When welding machine failure, with self-test function welder may exclude part of the problem or find the cause of the problem. If the problem is not resolved, contact the vendor, do not disassemble.
Once a year is recommended comprehensive maintenance welding machine, each part of the optical path of the device, mechanical transmission, electrodes, batteries, and other cutting knife to do a comprehensive inspection, maintenance.

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