Use fiber welding machine multifunction fixture With the escalation of fiber splicing machines, fiber splicing machines now on the market are beginning to use basic jig jig versatility, it can stabilize a variety of different types of fiber, such as covered wire, jumper, bare wire
And other fiber optic cable, a few years ago welding machine fixture fixtures are monomers, such as 0.9; 250; 3.1; 3.0 monomers such as jigs, fixtures do not require alignment with this, because you are moving the fixture as a whole; however, for
The multi-purpose fixture, it will need to be placed at a distance from the control, following on to introduce several places when using the multipurpose jig requires alignment:
Use fiber welding machine multifunction fixture

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1, dial left three millimeters fiber coating: Fiber requires about three mm coating layer, this step is required in the allocation of the fiber intermediate hole three Miller clamp to remove the skin, removing the coating layer is the innermost hole
But keep the three-ho meters;
2, the fiber is cut to the top coat layer alignment jig to the top: as shown below
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3, place the fiber: fiber splicing machine placed in the fixture, the same will be the top of the top coating and fiber splice machine fixture alignment;
The reason for this is to ensure that the length of the fiber on the V-groove after the smoke from the distance from the electrode rod is just to ensure that the distance sled push the two clamps and fiber approached in a range of activities; weld quality
Amount can be guaranteed.

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