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  • Tel: +86 29 6566 0081
  • Fax: +86 29 6566 0082
  • Add: Floor 9-10 of Block A, National Digital Publishing Base, 996 TianGu Qi Road,XHTZ, Xi'an,Shaanxi, China (710043)

About Us

Who we are

AITELONG is a team consisted of conscientious and inspirational staff members. It serves as the premium solution-provider of diversified testing instruments covering fiber optic communication systems and battery management which favors clients’ acquisition and accomplishment of relevant projects profitably.

Everything Aitelong do oriented to clients’ requirement. The holistic mission and explicit implementation lies in solving your problems and extending your business. Whatever you need, just tell us and all the technical details and procedural chores would be handled timely and appropriately on your behalf.

What we do

AITELONG test equipment is used by technical and non-technical staff in all phases of fiber optic and battery power manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Typical applications are to verify, test, certify and repair fiber optic systems in telecom, datacom, defense and automotive applications.

Typical applications are to test and maintenance battery power in telecom, data center, manufacturing, defense, and automotive applications.

Why choose Aitelong

Commitment to quality: Quality first, quantity then. AITELONG could not attach more importance on quality and the corporation principle demonstrates best. R & D ability: AITELONG strives to be industry exemplar and we integrated R&D academia strength and enterprise institutional support to enhance the effective cooperation and efficient coalition between industry and universities.

High cost-effective: Our area of expertise always seeks to the maximum performance with minimum cost.

After-sale service: You focus on product, we do the rest. The 24/7/365 concierge-level professional services is meant to offering you care-free ordering experience.

Global reputation: Prior demonstrated success witnessed our proven history, with Aitelong footprint treading tons of countries,stepping 5 continents.

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